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  • NEVER use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from any mount.

  • For small mammals( squirrels, hares, etc) use a feather duster to remove dust and dirt. You can also fluff the fur by using a hair dryer on low heat and low power. A quick once over with the hair dryer after using a feather duster will allow you to groom the mount with little effort. This method should also be used for freeze dried specimens.

  • For larger fur bearing mammals ( fox, coyote, bears, etc) wipe the mount down with a damp cloth. When using the damp cloth, stroke with the hair, moving the cloth from the nose toward the tail. You can then gently groom the mount with the handle of an old tooth brush and a hair dryer. Make sure the hair dryer is set on low heat and low power.

  • For cloven hoove big game such as deer, sheep, antelope, etc., use only a damp cloth to wipe dust from the mount. Make sure you wipe with the hair, from nose toward tail(Shoulder in case of head mount).

  • For birds, simply use a feather duster, stroking the bird with the feathers( beak toward tail).

  • Never use windex or other glass cleaners on the eyes of a mount. The chemicals in some cleaners can work there way behind the eye and remove the coloration of the eye.

  • For extremely soiled mounts, contact your taxidermist about finding someone to professionally clean your mount.

  • Where you display your mount will affect the life of the mount. Placing a mount above a heavily used fire place or heat duct can cause the mount to excessively dry out. Excessive drying out can result in the hide cracking especially in the nose, eye and ear areas. Placing a mount in a damp dark room(Garage,basement, etc) will also ruin a mount.

  • Don't expect rugs( bear, coyote, etc.) to last any length of time if placed on the floor where they will be walked on. The constant foot traffic will result in the hair breaking off and felt borders will pill and fray. Damage to ears, nose and jaws is more likely to occur.